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 Veterinary and Food Institute Doln Kubn

aktualizované dňa 22.2.2016

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Janokova 1611/58, 026 01 Doln Kubn
+421 43 5837 111
+421 43 5868 207

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Peter Mydlo, DVM

Deputy director

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Detached workplace Testing Laboratory Preov





Bajkalsk 28, 080 91 Preov
+421 51 771 9651, +421 51 771 8605
+421 51 771 9607
Dindov, DVM

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Basic information

The Veterinary and Food Institute was founded in 1992 as an independent diagnostic and testing workplace of the State Veterinary and Food Administration of the Slovak Republic. Gradual improvement in laboratory activities, mainly the introduction of highly contemporary operation procedures with preference on the quality of testing and diagnostic work, the Institute has risen to become alevel of international criteria, resulting in a maximum confidence in respect of professional standards.
The State Veterinary and Food Institute obtained:

  • In 1995, SNAS Certificate of Accreditation Nr. 02/1995, with the last re-accreditation Nr. S - 117 in 2007
  • In 2000, SNAS SLP Certificate Nr. 47/2000 and Nr. G 033 in 2004
  • In 2003, Accreditation DAP Nr. DAP PL 3483.00 and the follow-up re-accreditation Nr. DAP PL 3483.00 in 2007


The Veterinary and Food Institute Doln Kubn is amodern diagnostic workplace under the State Veterinary and Food Administration of the Slovak Republic (SVFA SR). The founder is the Ministry of Agriculture of the SR. Activities results of the Institute serve the SVFA SR and specialists in the process of ensuring veterinary care within the valid legislative rules. Above all, it is aquestion of ensuring production animal health, safety of animal products, food and food raw materials of animal and plant origin. Testing activities of the Institute are used by the legal and natural persons for the purpose of own checks in food and agricultural premises, import and export of food, beverages, feed and feed materials, as well as on behalf of the registration and certification of novel food and feed products. The outcomes of the Institute are also utilized in the area of environmental monitoring in food industry and environmental burdens of food chain.

The basic activity is realized in the following Departments:

Department of Bacteriology

  • Unit of General Bacteriology
  • Unit of Special Bacteriology

Department of Animal Health

  • Unit of Pathological Anatomy and Histology
  • Unit of Serology and Virology
  • Unit of Parasitology

Department of Food Hygiene

  • Unit of Food Hygiene
  • Unit of Food Chemistry
  • Unit of Screening Methods

Department of Chemistry, Nutrition and Foreign Substances

  • Unit of Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, Volumetric Analysis and Toxicology
  • Unit of Nutrition of Farm Animals
  • Unit of Liquid Chromatography
  • Unit of Gas Chromatography

Department of Molecular Biology Analyses

  • Unit of Molecular Biology of Viruses
  • Unit of Molecular Biology of Microorganisms
  • Unit of Molecular Biological Analyses of Food and Feed