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Veterinary and Food Institute Košice

aktualizované dňa 22. februára 2016

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Hlinkova 1/A, 043 65 Košice
+421 55 6330111-13, 6330194, 6337267, 6339293
+421 55 6330193


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Anton Mudrák, DVM
+421 55 633 0120

Management Members

Professional activities:


Milena Bobáková, DVM, PhD.
Dipl.Ing. Zlata Vasiľová

Basic information

Authorized and accredited activities:
By order of the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing of January 1, 2001, the State Veterinary and Food Institute Košice is an authorized testing body SKTC-145 pursuant to Act Nr. 264/1999 Coll. on technical requirements for products and on conformity assessment.

Unit of Virology, Serology and Parasitology

Head of Unit: Milena Bobáková, DVM, PhD.

Unit of Bacteriology

Designated Head of Unit: Gabriela Gadusová, DVM

Unit of Pathology, Morphology and Histology

Head of Unit: Martin Oravec, DVM

Unit of Food Hygiene

Head of Unit: Danka Saladiová, DVM

Unit of Chemistry

Head of Unit: RNDr. Helena Šalitrošová

Unit of Dietetics and Feed hygiene

Head of Unit: Tomáš Danielis, DVM

Unit of Ecotoxicology, Testing and Monitoring of Foreign Substances

Head of Unit: RNDr. Kvetoslava Kutschyová

Unit of Plant Commodities

Head of Unit: Dipl.Ing. Marianna Gubová


Dipl.Ing. Zlata Vasiľová


Subject of activities:

The Institute conducts veterinary laboratory diagnostics and testing in the Slovak Republic by methods and under conditions provided for in generally valid binding rules on veterinary care and generally binding legal rules and as regards these activities performs the tasks pursuant to the decision of the SVFA SR.

Activities of the Veterinary and Food Institute Košice are targeted to the following areas:

  • animal health care through the diagnostics of disease agents and animal mortality and diagnostics of zoonoses and their monitoring;
  • understanding the causes of production and reproduction disorders, control of health heredity in the area of genetic prevention;
  • monitoring tasks in animal diseases, as well as the tasks in disease prevention;
  • cooperation in development of preventive programs for individual animal species;
  • cooperation in drug registration;
  • introduction of new laboratory methods in veterinary diagnostics that are compatible with the international requirements on trade;
  • testing of raw materials and ingredients of animal origin and foods for their safety, hygiene requirements and biological value, as well as identification of food adulteration and food authentication;
  • analyses of foreign substances in food, feed and raw materials and ingredients used for their production;
  • testing of feed of animal and plant origin for their safety and nutritive value;
  • ecological diagnostics for the purpose of environment protection, analyses of environmental pollutants;
  • consulting and advisory services, elaboration of scientific opinions, studies, expert opinions and recommendations;
  • professional scientific events, home and abroad study stays for specialists of the Institute, vocational practice for university and high school students aimed to the veterinary disciplines;
  • cooperation with other scientific-research institutions and manufacturing organizations in preparation, design and realization of research and development projects (R-D Project);
  • observance of economic discipline and keeping the files according to applicable rules, carrying out general overhauls of entrusted property as well as material supply;
  • conclusion of contracts, own checks and relevant economic analyses related to the main activities of the Institute;
  • specific activities in the reference laboratories in compliance with the decision of the State Veterinary and Food Administration of the SR;
  • tasks in veterinary care in the area of national defence.